Welcome to my website! My name is Jennifer Birkenmeyer, and I specialize in weddings, newborns, and seniors. Check out my galleries or visit my Facebook page to view my most recent work.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I grew up in the country just outside the small town of Nauvoo, Illinois. Our neighbors had a little girl when I was ten, and she was my first subject. I’d dress her up, and take her out into the wildflowers and photograph with her using my 110 film camera. Years later, I ended up photographing that neighbor’s senior session in the same fields we shot in over a decade before.

Someone asked me once why I do photography. My answer was easy: I like to capture happy people. I love seeing a bride hug her beautiful grandmother, all dressed up for the big day. I love posing sweet, chubby newborns, and rocking them in my arms. I love seeing seniors all dressed up in their favorite outfits with their adoring mothers looking on.  I look for fairies with four year olds, play tea party with sisters, and hunt for bugs with little boys.

What makes me happy? seeing my children laughing, playing tea party with my daughters, watching the joy in my son’s face as he swings at the park, dancing, listening to the ocean, bike riding with my husband and kids, opening a handwritten note in the mail, looking through old photo albums.

I’d love to capture some of your happy moments, so contact me via email today to book your session.